Monday, 9 January 2012

Trecking in Nepal

Had an amazing trip in November, trecking in Nepal. It was hard work, but not too bad and I would recommend anyone who is reasonably fit to go, as it is the only way of truly experiencing the landscape of this amazing region of the world. Of course I was also making a 'visual' diary of my experiences, with camera and sketchbook and this was such an inspirational trip that I'm hoping to develop my work for quite a while to come.
I have developed some sketches and plan to do a series of oil paintings and prints, but am sure where it all will lead. There are some sketches to view on my website at work

The colour contrasts were very strong and we were lucky enough to have crystal blue skies for the entire trip, except in Katmandu where the smog and pollution tend to obliterate everything.
The linear quality of the landscape and the inevitable flapping prayer flags have also left their mark in my minds eye.