Monday, 16 June 2008

Local Inspiration

I've seen Ivon Hitchens paintings before, after all, he was a West Sussex resident and painted most of his best work locally. But I've never really LOOKED. How does he make oil paints look like water colours? His landscapes are amazing and look so harmonious, so 'easy' and spontaenious. The colours are subtle, yet strong and I can't wait to do my landscape painting week in July, not to try and 'copy', but to admire and to try emulate the 'style'. The sizes and shape of the canvases are also interesting-I think I'll need to invest in a good big brush!
Have recently been side-tracked into a few 'flower paintings', as the garden is so colourful and stimulating. Can't say I'm really into such an obvious subject matter, but again, Hitchens inspired me to use what's in front of me. How many paintings of poppies are there I wonder!
Mines the one underneath!