Sunday, 8 March 2009

'Who's been sitting in MY chair...'

Latest everyday objects to tickle my fancy are chairs-Like most objects they can say so much about their environment, social class, time in history, character-who was last sitting in them! And there are some amazing shapes out there from high Rococco to Bauhaus cool. I love the old bashed about ones and wish mine were a bit scruffier or had more to say. I was recently in an old people's home and they were exactly 'right' for their location, with or without occupants. I do also like that idea of a presence just gone, a fleeting shadow,a ghost of past occupants. Not got far with this one yet, but am enjoying looking around. It's also interesting how often chairs appear in the 19/early 20th century masters, within interiors. Matisse loves them, usually draped in exotic fabric and of course there is poor old Van Gogh and his lonely rush bottomed companion. Have a look at Nick Bodimeade, a local Sussex artist-great FUN!